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Intensive Driving Courses

What Is An Intensive Driving Course?

An intensive driving course in Colchester or Clacton is ideal for someone who wants to obtain a full driving licence in a short amount of time.  It involves you driving daily with the same driving instructor.  Before booking your driving test you will need to pass your theory test.  We use an app called Theory Test Pro to help you practice.  If you want you can book your own theory test and driving test  or we can book them for you.  You will normally have between three to five hours of driving each day.  This might sound like a lot of driving but your instructor will spread the lessons out over each day to avoid lack of concentration due to tiredness.  On the final day of your intensive course, you will take your driving test.

Some recent reviews

Would 1000% recommend DVDS to anyone and everyone! I had Mandy as my instructor and she is amazing...had me passed in no time and has the patience of a saint. Thank you so much Mandy! X
Lydia passed after a 25 hour intensive course. Just passed my test first time after an intensive driving course with one of the lovely driving instructors at DVDS! Thanks guys!
Anna passed after a 30 hour intensive driving course. Passed my test first time today with DVD's after a 30 hours intensive course , instructor was professional, friendly and engaging helped with my nerves. Thank you so much!

How Many Hours Will I Need?

We offer intensive driving courses ranging from 10 hours to 45 hours depending on your previous experience and ability.  The course prices will vary on the amount of hourse needed for you to reach test standard.   For someone who has never driven a car before or has only limited experience then it would be most likely you would be looking to book a 45 hour intensive driving course.  If you are close to test standard or recently failed a driving test then a 10 hour course would most likely suit you.

It can be hard to decide on which intensive driving course suits your particular needs so your instructors will take you out for a 2 hour assessment in either Colchester or Clacton.

Is An Intensive Driving Course Right For Me?

An intensive driving course doesn’t suit everyone because of the short timescale involved.  Some people may find it overwhelming thinking that in just a few days they will be taking a driving test.  For this reason, your instructor will take you out for a two hour assessment in either Colchester or Clacton.  During the assessment, the driving instructor will advise you on the number of hours you will need to reach test standard and also your suitability for an intensive driving course.

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